Modular Hydroponic Cultivation Centres
Portable Custom Cultivation Centres for  a safe & sustainable way to growing Medical Cannabis. 

Optimal Yield

Micro climate control enabling the most compatible and optimal environment per strain

Minimal Energy Cost 

Powered by Clean renewable energy such as Hydrogen Generators, Natural Gas Peakers & Solar Powered Panels 

Remote Mobility

Portable Commercial Growing Centre transported to remote corners of the planet, supplying even the harshest of climates


Medical Grade Cannabis Facilitation in line with FDA, CTA, EUMCA & AMSTL Standards

Growers Innovation

Despite the current value of the global industry, Cannabis is still in its infant stages.
Meaning cutting edge technology and the innovators who drive them are yet to fully scale and optimise the industries medical cannabis growth rate and commercial potential.
Resulting in an open window for mass opportunity!  

With a space capacity starting at
>1,000 plants per Cultivation Centre

Each Portable Cannabis Cultivation Centre is built fully customisable to our clients specifications.  

Cost Effective

*Calculate the amount of money the MJECT PC3 module can save on your energy cost*
PC3 Energy Calculator 

Letter of Intent 

Fill in our LOI to begin your PC3 Design & Fabrication Process


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Market Viability 

EU removes cannabis from the dangerous substance & prohibition list...

The European Union recognises cannabis for its medical attributes and the EMA Institute (European Medicines Agency) undertakes research & medical trails.

WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) removes cannabis from the doping list... 

Sport event tycoons such as the Olympics, NBA, FIFA, NFL & UFC all stop testing athletes for traces of cannabis in their systems.


Global decriminalisation & regulation in discussion with world leaders...

Suppressed industry professionals prepare to accumulate their market share as the locks on the flood gates begin to chime.

The projected figures for the industry are in!

MJECT & Co. prepare to facilitate the biggest bloom in Cannabis industry history.
Economists & Industry Experts confirm:

"Expect all time highs and then some"

Enquiry Form

All Hydroponic PC3's are highly customisable to our clients preferences. 
Please fill in the enquiry form or the LOI above with as much detail as possible so we can greater understand your business specifications.


Please feel free to call / send an email with any supporting documentation and a member of our specialist team will get back to you.

Thank You.
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