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MJECT owes it to Co. which is why we align tightly with the processes that strengthen the roots of health & Eco-industries.  

Insuring safety, cleanliness and acceleration of the future by making everything accessible by just one... 


Enterprise Support 

Are you a cannabis pre-start, start-up or SME? 

Enterprise support has never been more empowered here in the UK as we take the quantum leap into shaping our new identity in the rankings of the global market. 

Young entrepreneurship and innovation is the key for the UK to prosper in the future. Click the link above to check your eligibility for enterprise support and state aid.   

Farming Consultation 

Looking to pursue a career in agriculture or agritech? - Then we can help! 

Occupying land and taking part in innovation has never been easier with development happening across the industry!

Mentorship | Funding | Acceleration 



Leisure & Hospitality 

Come visit us at our place of serenity, Earthway. Here we are fully equipped for you to stay for as long as you like.

At this unique Nature Resort & Venue, All the family can enjoy effortless Camping, Great Local Food & Drink, Natural Water Springs, Wild Foraging, Arts & Crafts, Live Music

& Much Much More...  

Nutrition & Lifestyle Management 

Balance is the key to life... 

Having a balanced diet and dose of moderate exercise in your life will path the way to happiness as you regain control of balancing your time, emotions & success.    

Independent Health Blueprint & Global Health Cover

Don't be uninformed on yours or your families health. Having an IHB document is a full body composition which can detect hereditary disease from your DNA as well as check for data on deficiencies, abnormalities or intolerance's you may of been unaware about.   

Independent Healthcare Is Global Healthcare.

The Switch

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, or simply just somebody looking to better their choices... understanding and making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives and methods can wind up being more hassle then it needs.

Have one of our conversion specialist come visit you at home for free, in order to help us both gain a clearer understanding of whats feasible for you to change to improve things such as  your carbon footprint to household products.  

What our clients are saying

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Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Business Enterprise Support Package



Single Down Payment


Dedicated Business Mentor

Business Plan & Establishment

Masterclasses & Legalities 

Secure, Responsive Website / Online Store

Lead Generation 

Social Media Support

Required Marketing Equipment

Launch Event Ready


Lifestyle Management Package


Per Month


Dedicated Sports Therapist & Coach

Domestic Body Composition & Portfolio

Gym Membership

10 Personal Training Sessions a Month

Natural Food Hamper

Tailored Diet Plan


Independent Health Blueprint & Global Cover
Full Body Composition


Per Quarter 


DNA Composition 

Microbiome Composition 

Blood Composition

Body Composition 

Cardio Vascular Performance 

Brainwave Frequency 

Hormone Imbalance & Deficiency  Analysis

Doctor's Report

Health Portfolio + Medical Blueprint