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Resource efficiency scenarios

for the UK: A technical report



" The UK is legally required to reduce its territorial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by 2050. Construction sector looks to hemp as turn-key-solution as hemp can be use​d in a range of Green building applications – see Ingrao et al (2015) and NHBC Foundation (2013) for typical details and examples of recently constructed UK buildings. However, rapid expansion in UK hemp cultivation is expected in the near term (mirroring recent 30% year on year growth. "

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Analysis of Thermal Parameters of Hemp Fiber Insulation †

- MDPI Energies


" Nowadays, sustainable construction is a key factor for reaching net-zero emissions of

carbon dioxide all over the world. This goal is impossible to achieve by merely reducing the energy

consumption of end-users. A more holistic approach should be taken, adopting sustainable industrial

practices that use environmentally friendly materials on a large scale. Nowadays, hemp is one of the most promising and widely used thermal insulation materials,

known for its durability and environmental friendliness. Hemp is obtained from local natural fibers

and can be used in the innovative production of materials."

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Feasibility study on the reintroduction of Industrial

Hemp, as an arable break-crop
- United Kingdom


“In the face of great global challenges in the area of climate change, food security and diminishing reserves of fossil fuels, the role of a low-input high yielding crop able to provide a range of high-quality renewable materials and chemicals, such as hemp, could not be more timely.”

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Cannabidiol (CBD) 


"An investigation into one of the fastest growing markets

in the wellbeing sphere. This report acknowledges the

controversial timeline of various CBD products, compares the industry’s presence in different geo-political landscapes and takes a look at some of the M&A activity from leading CBD businesses.
Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in

cannabis has blazed through the UK and the emerging market is set to be worth in-excess £1 billion by 2025." 

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Financing an inclusive Circular Economy

Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a world-leading policy institute. 
Our mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.

De-risking investments for circular business models and the SDGs.

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UK Economic and Construction Update

It is important to look at other robust measures on house building (the largest construction sector). Energy Performance Certificates for New Build Homes are very close to completions timing-wise. Since Week 27, the second week of July 2020, EPCs for New Build have been at approximately the same level that they were one year earlier.

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UK Trade and Prosperity 2020 - Looking Beyond BREXIT & COVID

The purpose of this report is to review the long-term trend and current state of UK trade and productivity, and sketches a comprehensive overview of how UK trade has evolved during the Brexit transition and the COVID crisis. It offers policy implications on the ways forward and highlights pertinent questions for future research

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It has become evident that many key sectors agree that hemp is preparing to stage quite the industrial come back.
A proven, viable and sustainable alternative option to a whole variety of industrial core products. 

From bio-polymers, hempcrete, hempwood, fuel, medicine and more - Sativa Hemp has something for them all. 


It makes sense that hemp is coming out with all these wonderful things to offer. Hemp is part of an ecosystem, biosphere, food chain. Removing anything from the delicate balance of a bio-harmonious environment can have deadly consequences, even for the smallest of things, like bees.

Of course i'm not going to say that hemp is going to single handily save the mess we are in, but who knows it just might. We can only explore its potential as it certainly and evidently has a some kind of critical role in restoring balance and remediation for the health & wellbeing of the planet. 

Market Size & Projection

According to the research study; the global Industrial Hemp Market in 2019 was approximately USD 5 Billion. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34% and is anticipated to reach around USD 36 Billion by 2026.

- FNF 2021

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Industry Initiatives

Roadmap plan to boost UK industrial hemp production and processing

Industrial hemp is traditionally used in textiles, animal bedding and mattress filling, but increasingly manufacturers are exploring its potential in markets such as food, fuel, construction and pharmaceuticals.

“Hemp has major untapped potential as a versatile low carbon raw material that can be used across a range of industries,” explained BDC Director Dr Joe Ross. “It offers environmental benefits as a fast-growing ‘break’ crop that improves soil health and is very efficient at capturing carbon. 

 Project, led by researchers at the University of York and Bio-renewables Development Centre (BDC), aims to increase the amount of industrial hemp 100-fold in the UK from 800 hectares to 80,000 hectares establishing industrial hemp as a major UK crop.

Adnams' eco-distribution-centre - UK

The distribution centre features the UK's largest living roof known as the Sky Garden which is made up of a variety of sedum species. Not only does this help to insulate the building, but the water stored in the sedum plants is also harvested and used to flush the staff toilets and clean company vehicles. This, combined with the solar panels and the environmental construction have meant the energy bills have been cut by half.
The building is bio-constructed from lime, hemp and chalk blocks and is said to be a "pioneer" in environmentally-friendly architecture. It is set low in the site of an old gravel pit and the `living' roof effectively acts as camouflage, allowing the building to merge into the natural surroundings of the countryside. 

Saving approx. £75k per year on operational costs due to making such sustainable efforts.

32 x 3 Boekel Eco-Homes

Green New Neighbourhood / Eco-Village Concept.
Space optimising design Bio-constructed Smart Buildings completely built with Bespoke Carbon Negative Prefabricated & Precasted Hempcrete Elements.
All roads / paving’s are built with locally recycled plastic asphalt mix, producing less carbon with improved all-round HMA durability. Main power supply connected to smart grid using energy configuration technology with hydrogen boilers & solar power panels. 
Street / campus lighting semi-provided by energy neutral bio-aluminous trees from local Dutch Artist, enabling reduced light pollution with futuristic & modern landscape.

Pilot project that demonstrates the sustainable potential of future domestic buildings in The Netherlands. 


Read what COP26 had to say about the future and the global industrial hemp industry
- if anything? 

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