Gold Hemp House of Innovation

Development of Innovation Centre Pilot Project
Exemplar building situated on Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park, SGS Green Campus, Berkeley.
Representing the advantages of Bio-Construction Practices, Smart Building Developments & Green New Neighbourhood Concepts. 

Development Documents 

Planning Permission

Proposed Elevations

Ground Floor

  First Floor  

Second Floor

  Third Floor  

TBR Business Deck 

Sustainability Data 

Legacy Phosphate

Road To Net Zero Brief

Hempcrete < Concrete

Identified Site

MJECT & Co. have identified the site for the pilot project to take place. Teaming up with Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park, SGS Green Campus.


Collaborating with some of the most prominent companies carrying out R & D within the industry. Developing new practices and substitute products to ensure the sustainability of the sectors future


MJECT & Co. are raising £10m to deliver this project. 

With significant support coming in from both institutional and industrial investors, MJECT & Co. are also welcoming public investment with 3X ROI Guarantees spread over 5 years. 


The GHHoI pilot project is just the beginning for the organisation. 

With localisation of the bioconstruction and smart-building technologies / supply chains used to develop the building being incorporated on site. Ready for deployment to fulfill Green New Neighbourhood developments across the UK.  


Despite being a company that thrives from the development of the Built Environment - 

MJECT & Co. operate with the Natural Environment in mind and vow to only commit to projects that are designed and constructed with the environment first, not the other way round.