Emissions Trading 

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is a tool that puts a quantity limit and a price on emissions.

Cleaner Air, Resource Efficiency, Energy Security & Creating Jobs.

MJECT & Co. work tightly with Companies and Governments to fulfill the EU's & UK's own ETS. 

Emission Units (currency/credit) is issued by the Government to companies who either offset emissions or produce lower emissions then their pollution license permits.
In a typical ETS, the government caps the number of units in line with its emissions target and the trading market sets the corresponding emission price.


A UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) has replaced UK participation in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Operators must still comply with their obligations under the EU ETS relating to the 2020 scheme year, which ends on 30 April 2021.


Get a UK ETS Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP)

Your regulator is responsible for issuing your EMP. Who your regulator will be depends on where you are registered or reside. The process for getting an EMP from your regulator will depend on whether you are currently regulated by the UK for the EU ETS.

If you are currently regulated by the UK for the EU ETS

Your regulator will remain the same and they will issue a UK ETS EMP in substantially the same terms as your EU ETS EMP on or after 1 January 2021. Your regulator should be in contact by the end of 2020 regarding your UK ETS EMP.

You will continue to have access to your account in your regulator’s online application and the Emissions Trading System Workflow Automation Program (ETSWAP).

If you are not currently regulated by the UK under the EU ETS

You must contact your regulator and apply for an EMP within 6 weeks of becoming an aircraft operator. If you have missed this deadline you must contact your regulator as soon as possible otherwise it may result in significant civil penalties.

Your regulator will depend on where you are registered or reside.

England or outside the UK: the Environment Agency (EA) [email protected]

Scotland: the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) [email protected]

Wales: Natural Resources Wales (NRW) [email protected]

Northern Ireland: the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) [email protected]



This document is for operators who have obligations under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

It tells you what you need to do to comply with your existing obligations under the 2020 scheme year, which ends on 30 April 2021. It also provides information on accessing EU registry systems in 2021, including the Kyoto Protocol National Registry.


Latest News

Global authorities set target for CO2 to be completely phased out of production by 2050. Organisations who do not adhere to the Pollution Cap will face heavy carbon and plastic taxation for their continued polluting and negative impact. 

Opening vast opportunity for new and rediscovered products / methods to enter the market through the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution of sustainability and growing eco-economy.


Our team of Sustainable Innovation Specialist are dedicated to the ecological development of your project.

We will provide you with an audit on your environmental impact, recommend a bio-alternative and assist you in registering for the ETS and profit from your sustainable efforts.


The Emissions Trade Scheme is the most rewarding scheme of it's kind. Highly incentivising companies to make an eco-switch and financially benefit from the rapidly growing eco-economy.

Capitalise on Carbon Credits, Environmental Tax Relief, Eco-Bonds and more.   


Start your own Environmentally Friendly project with the support of MJECT & Co. 

See where you are leaving money on the table and damage in the environment and make simple yet effective changes to improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of your company.  



Corporate / commercial operations have had a clear detrimental impact our our environment.  

We are now at a turning point of caution where corporate responsibility and accountability must be incentivised in order to undue the damage that has been caused and rejuvenate the biosphere.  

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