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Carbon Negative Product

Sequesters 110-165kg of CO2 per m3

Thermal & Sound Insulator 

Naturally built in heat & sound insulation 

Damp & Fire Retardant 

Amply meets Building Decree  

Certified Non-Hazardous 

Non-Toxic to Planet, Worker & Occupant 

Building Products
Here at MJECT & Co. we have a large dual production line that specialises in delivering Pre-casted Hempcrete Blocks & Pre-fabricated Hempcrete Panels

Pre-cast Hempcrete blocks have zero on-site drying time with simple application.

Our blocks measure 60cm (L) x 30cm (H)
Variety of thicknesses between 7.5cm and 36cm to suit your project.

Price List

Pre-fab Hempcrete Panels can be fully installed upon foundations in a matter of days.
Our Panels come in sizes of up to 6m x 3m 
Variable thickness between 10cm – 50cm as per your request.

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Labour Ergonomic 

Optimised on-site efficiency
 All-in-1 Pressed Material +
Fast Pre-Installation Functionality 


Improved Compressive & Elastic Strength with Low Density, resistant to the 100 year movement principle.

Pest & Mould Resistant 

Natural Defense with Microstructure Ventilation properties  

Fully Customisable 

Pre-set Piping Fixtures with Architectural shaping & tailorable finish

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The Unsustainable Problem:

Often with the intention of maximising profit margin and affordability - The construction industry use outdated polluting toxic methods to develop the built environment. 

These methods are proven detrimental to the environment with high CO2 impact, prolonged on site labor and vastly preventable material, water and energy wastage.

Ultimately resulting in a complete conflict of interest - as a substantial amount of capital is lost through Carbon Tax, Paying Tradesman Overtime & Soring Energy Bills.

Pressuring the industry to ecologically improve or simply pay the price.

The Innovators Perspective:

Traditionally, hempcrete is produced using very manual methods by mixing the material on site and pouring it into a frame. This process is rather time consuming and has the additional detriment on relying on the weather. While curing, the raw material reacts to environmental conditions like moisture and temperature and can need months to dry before it can be finished and handed over. When we considered involving ourselves with hempcrete, we knew that a new innovative approach was needed. Eliminating the problems of lengthy on site manual labor, reliance on weather for quality and efficiency and above all, a positive environmental impact.

The Sustainable Solution:

MJECT & Co. have developed our own Prefabricated Hempcrete Panel & Precasted Hempcrete Block - A Manufacturing Line that is the first of its kind.
These panels come in sizes of up to 6m x 3m and a thickness between 10cm – 50cm. Well our blocks are casted to 60 H x 30 L with a thickness between 7.5 - 36 cm.
Both the panels & blocks are all pressed and casted in the factory, assuring consistent quality and detailed production for the different specifications of each part of a dwelling.

Once the foundations are set the materials are all delivered to site and the house is assembled with optimal efficiency & sustainability. 

The installation for an average 3/4 bed house can be as quick as 1 week. 

Our panels & blocks require less segregated material, resulting in less waste & time to be ordered and applied with global shipping.

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Contact us direct on: +44 (0) 7 932 652 427  | [email protected] 

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