Low Carbon Solutions for Plastic Waste Recycling & Energy Generation 

Here at MJECT & Co. we heavily advocate for a decarbonised future.

We're actively tackling regional waste issues whilst reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the inconsistencies of grid stability from intermittent renewable sources.

To achieve this, MJECT & Co. is developing 2 pioneering systems that will massively facilitate the eco-economy   

 1)Advanced Mechanical Recycling (AMR)

Advanced Mechanical Recycling is a project to deploy waste sorting and recycling technology to grade saleable material.

This advanced separation technology for automated sorting and grading mixed materials produces chemically similar feedstocks to be reprocessed. Lower mixed grades that are unusable in recycling projects then remain for energy production.

2) Plastic Waste to Gas Power (PWGP)

PWGP is exploring suitable technologies that utilise the lower grade plastic residue left from the AMR process.

The PWGP process will thermally convert the residue into a synthetic low carbon gas that will feed gas peaking units, balancing the national grid and also the option to direct green power to large, nearby energy consumers.

Putting it into perspective

"It is time we turn our attention to one the most pressing issues of today - averting the plastic pollution crisis. Not only for the health of our planet but, for the wellbeing for the people around the world."

- Sir David Attenborough


UK Plastics Recycled 


Pots, Tubs & Trays captured for recycling  


Total plastics produced recycled 


plastics recovered via

incineration not recycled

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A global plastic crisis

Globally, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic are being dumped into our oceans every year.

This has resulted in 1 in 3 species of marine mammals found trapped in plastic containers and over 90% of all seabirds having plastic in their stomachs.

But it’s not only the marine life that suffers. Plastic has been identified in our tap water the food that we eat.

A looming energy gap

The UK has committed to phasing out coal by 2025 and needs to retire existing nuclear plants. This has led to a reduction in baseload power generation capacity.

Although wind and solar plants attempt to combat this problem they are not sustainable or a cost-effective solution.

The number of plants that are needed to create the power level we need creates various knock-on effects such as danger to wildlife.

We need an alternative, viable solution.

Plastic Recycling

The initial mechanical process will automatically sort and grade waste materials to enable higher quantities of efficient recycling. 
High-grade plastics are separated and recycled. These materials are then able to be reused with a huge environmental benefit. We aim to achieve at least a 3x improvement on the existing 9% average of plastic recycling.

Energy Generation

We've found a new use for waste plastic and powering gas peaking power plants to generate energy. This system already has significant environmental savings compared to coal and oil.

Through gasification of non-recyclable waste plastic residue, we’re creating low carbon, stable electricity supply in flexible energy generation.

A market that’s forecast to grow 310% over the next fifteen years.

Initial Project Key Sites
All 3 sites have been secured, with an additional 10 further sites identified for future development 

Key Site - South East

Small R & D Technology site with offices, housing, Gas Peaker & AMR Waste Recycling System    

Key Site - Wales

Smart waste recycling and energy generation park, equipped with Gas Peaker, Plastic Pyrolysis & AMR Waste Recycling System 

Key Site - North

A Freight and Transportation Supersite. Optimal location for developing a smart energy park and main Gas Peaker Plant.

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