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Unlocking the Futures Potential
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Contribute to a clean, sustainable & eco-system-friendly future by supporting organisations like MJECT & Co. 

Want to show your support but don't have any requirement for our products & services?

We welcome you to share our page, donate to our cause & join our ambassador programme! - Thank You! 

Ambassador Programme

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Our Mission
To Unlock The Futures Potential 

Based in the Royal Forest of Dean, United Kingdom;

Here at MJECT & Co. we believe in a clean, sustainable & decarbonised future for all. 
Operating on over 600 hectares of Industrial Hemp Land Multi-nationally - It is our mission here at MJECT & Co. to provide a simplistic transition to carbon negative alternatives for commercial and domestic development worldwide.

By increasing awareness and accessibility, we endeavour to widely improve and incentivise corporate impact & responsibility.

Our decarbonising operation has a magnitude of eco-alternative solutions, for cross industry innovation & applications. 
Enabling one of the fastest CO2-to-BIOMASS conversion tools available - Hemp is a vital natural resource for the emerging world of sustainability.

On this platform you will find all the necessary information to support you in deciding how hemp can play a key part in shaping the
future of our planet together!

Why Hemp? 

Industrial Hemp is quiet simply the most versatile, resilient and sustainably successful crops to be cultivated in human history.
From seed, soil to air & beyond... the decarbonisation effect of industrial hemp is evidently unmatched. With an average potential of 15-22 tonnes of atmospheric carbon being absorbed per hectare per season and with 2 seasons per year - Industrial Hemp is on average, 70X more effective in Carbon Sequestration than Agroforestry.

The Field of Opportunity  

You can never take enough precautions when planning for the future, Agriculture truly is a round the clock industry which the future depends on! Meaning it relies on young entrepreneurial mindsets to help innovate and evolve the industry year in year out. So if you are a student or simply just somebody looking for work experience, internships or apprenticeships, then we would love to hear from you!  

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Patrons, Investors & Stakeholders 

If its one thing all great organisations need, it's a board of experts, mentors and leaders! 

Real people who believe in the cause and have the articulation to facilitate the process in order to spark inspiration and confidence within the naturally born innovators. 

Ultimately, investing into hemp means you are investing across multiple industries through a sustainable alternative. So if having a stake in MJECT & Co. or being on the board panel to help influence and steer the path of the overall enterprise is a role that suits you...

Find out more by clicking on the link bellow!

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Hemp Bio-Products 

Do you wish to contribute to the cause but just don't have the flexibility to commit as much as you'd like to just yet? Well just by simply making the switch from your everyday household and personal products, will automatically place you into the solution sector. As all of our products are either carbon negative, free from animal testing, full spectrum, fair trade & regulated by the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK)  

Ensuring quality, safety & incentive in all of our products! 

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Carbon Credits  

Corporate & commercial responsibility is more important now then ever before. The Carbon footprint of large corporations is truly taking its toll on the environment. MJECT understand it may not always be completely feasible for certain companies to change their operations in order to prevent further pollution. 
This is where MJECT & Co. can step in to help by offering organisations the opportunity to endorse the acreage we cultivate hemp on, which also counteracts the carbon footprint of the capitalist.

1 acre of hemp = on average - 120,000lb of atmospheric CO2.

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Biodegradable Packaging 

Plastic pollution is toxic to our Eco-system and endangers our wildlife as they get caught up or ingest it. As it enters our waterways and the oceans, it breaks down into tiny sand like particles. These micro plastic particles find their way into our food chain and eventually our bodies.

by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic by weight than fish.

Over 100 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year globally. This is expected to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050. Fortunately for the environmentalist's, hemp has the ability to counteract these stats as a plastic alternative, but action is needed sooner rather then later.   

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Membership & Sponsorship

Become a member and receive all the enterprise support you require in order to pursue your venture from getting online to generating leads. As well as be naturally environmentally conscious in your activities for when your conducting business.


By sponsoring MJECT & Co, you automatically sponsor all of our members! Help our SME's & Scale up members by sponsoring the MJECT platform which will enable us to improve and better the members portal, as well as have your company credited & represented through all our events & activities all year round.

Sponsorship packages are 100% customisable.

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Investing into MJECT & Co. was not only simplistic but also guaranteed. We invested into 5 acres of hemp & not only did we get a quick return within the year through a multitude of products, but we also counteracted our annual carbon footprint by well over 200 metric tons!
Looking forward to next season!

Benny Eveler

Happy Investor

I am a mother of 2 and a yoga instructor. Switching over to some of MJECT's edible and cosmetic cleaning products made me feel like I was taking back control of being mindful consumer! Their products not only makes my home safer from harmful, toxic chemicals, but I realise it also means i'm supporting an Eco-friendly cause by being part of a solution, not just a common profit driven brand. 

Tricia Stewarts

Happy Customer

Being a start-up business and just finishing university, becoming a member at MJECT & Co. has truly boosted the competence and strength of my network more then I could of possibly hoped for. It opened my eyes to the different levels of enterprise support available and just how important mentorship and philanthropy is in guiding a new age economy.

Sonny Kennard

Happy Member


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